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ØBonus art show tickets

ØAccommodation: 03 nights at 5 stars hotel SEOUL PULLMAN AMBASSADOR



NIGHT 1: HO CHI MINH CITY Q SEOUL                                                         

23:30 Tour leader pick up tourists at Gate D2, Pillar 12, International station Tan Son Nhat airport. Ledear will support tourists to check-in flight VJ862go to Korea and depart at 02:35 – 09:40 arrive to Incheon airport.

Local guide in Korea will pick up tourists and start the tour.

Rest in air plane

DAY 1: SEOUL – NAMI                                                                     

Ø  Nami Isloand – small island but famous for its beauty around the year.

Having lunch and visiting

Ø  Wanghoamun Palace – the proud of Korean

Ø  Cheongyecheon Stream Flow – the stream with 5.8 km lenght goes through the capital Seoul

Having lunch at local restaurant, enjoying art show performed by Korean artists.

Rest at 5 stars hotel

DAY 2: EVERLAND THEME PARK                                                                          

(Ăn sáng, trưa, chiều)

Having breakfast at hotel

Going to Everland theme park- one of the ten biggest theme park in the world, tourists have a lot of activities to do such as roller coaster, safari, and more things to do in Everland.

Having lunch at local restaurant

In the evening, shopping at

Ø  Gingseng store

Ø  Comestic store

Ø  Wearing Korea costumn to take photos and learning to make traditional food

Having dinner at local restaurant

Back to hotel to rest or exploring Myeong - dong, Dongdaemun – Market tasting Korean cuisines.

Nghỉ đêm tại Khách sạn 5 sao

DAY 3: SEOUL –KYEONGBOK ROYAL PALACE– BLUE HOUSE – NAMSAN    TOWER                                      

(Ăn sáng, trưa, chiều)

After having breakfast at hotel, continue to visit

Ø  Kyeongbok Royal Palace – Located in the north of the Seoul captital, was builit in 1395 under Joseon Kingdom

Ø  Blue House – Located in the middle of the Seoul capital. This is where the president live and work.

Ø  Namsan Seoul Tower – Located in Namsan mountain, brings the whole city views to tourists, this is a simple of Seoul.

Ø  Shopping at tax-free store in the center of Seoul

After having dinner at local restaurant, tourists go back to hotel to rest or freely explore.

Nghỉ đêm tại Khách sạn 5 sao


                                                                                       (Ăn sáng)

After breakfast, freely visit, shopping for souvenirs in Chong-ha store until departure time to Incheon International Airport, take flight VJ863 to Ho Chi Minh City at 11:40 - 14: 55. Arriving at Tan Son Nhat Airport, ending the tour, the team leader assisted with luggage, say goodbye, and made an appointment to see you on the following trips.





(Above 12 years old)


(From 2-11 years old)


(Under 2 years old)

Ngủ chung với người lớn đi kèm


14.388.000 vnđ

13.688.000 vnđ


Surcharge single room


 SGN/INC 02:35 – 09:40

INC/SGN 11:40 – 14:55



Ø  2 ways air-fair SGN/INCHEON/SGN Vietjet Air, 20 kg signed lugguage and 7 kg carry-on lugguage

Ø  Visa Korea

Ø  Security tax, oil,….

Ø  5 stars hotel – Seoul Pullman Ambassador 02 - 03 pax/room

Ø  Meals

Ø  Transportation

Ø  Tourguide and tour leader

Ø  Cap and passport cover

Ø  Insurance  (10.000 USD/case & 1.000 USD/lugguage).



Ø  Passport under 6 months

Ø  Self-expenses, tips (6$/pax/day)

Ø  Delay fee, changing flight date,…

Ø  Surcharge single room (if any)

Ø  Visa re-entry to Vietnam if you are an foreigner 70$/pax




Ø  Deposit 8.000.000 VNĐ/pax after booking

Ø  Paying the rest before 10days the tour start .

Ø  If tourist are not provided visa, the fee service  2.100.000 vnđ/pax (Visa fee) will not be refunded

Ø  Cancelling after booking: lost deposit 8.000.000đ /pax

Ø  Cancelling before 15 days the tour start (exclude Saturday and Sunday): 80% tour price

Ø  Cancelling after 15 days the tour start (exclude Saturday and Sunday): 100% tour price



ØBefore registering the tour, please read the itinerary, terms, tour price included as well as not included in the program. In case you do not directly register the tour, but because someone else comes to register for the tour, please find out the program from the person who registered for you.

ØAfter paying the money, if you want to cancel the tour, please bring your ID card and the payment receipt to the office immediately signed to cancel the tour. Vietnamese Saigon Tour does not accept guests to cancel the call via phone

ØGuests aged 70 years or older please pay a premium premium (fees vary depending on the tour) & require a full certificate of health to travel abroad by a doctor and must have someone body under 60 years old (full of health) to follow.

ØIf you are pregnant, please inform the tour staff for further advice. Do not accept pregnant guests under 3 months and from 5 months or more for safety reasons.

ØThe company undertakes to support information and assist you in your ability, but is not responsible for paying any costs incurred if you are retained at the door by the immigration authorities. Import or not allow entry with the delegation.

ØYou have a GREEN CARD (PERMANENT RESIDENT), ALIEN’S PASSPORT, TRAVEL DOCUMENT etc. when registering a tour, do not report, when the tour is not available, the travel company is not responsible and does not refund the tour.

ØIf you require a single room, please pay additional charges. Two adults sleep with one child.

ØBecause flights depend on airlines, flight hours may change without notice in some cases.

ØThe order of sights and trip routes may vary depending on the actual situation but still ensure full attractions like the first time. The hotel name will be officially confirmed on the day of the union meeting, 1-2 days before departure.

ØDue to the nature of the odd customer union, the company will receive sufficient number of delegations, the delegation will depart on schedule. In case the group does not have enough guests or the guests do not reach the visa, the company is responsible for informing you, the two parties will re-negotiate the price for the group, if you do not agree with the new price, you have can be transferred to another departure date or the company will refund the full amount you have paid.

ØIn order to ensure that customers still depart in case the group does not have enough guests, the company is responsible for pairing guests with the tour with the travel dates of other travel companies (if any) but still ensuring the quality and benefits. attached to the customer.

ØPlease do not separate the group and follow the program. The company's tour guide will keep your original original passport during the trip.


** The company is exempted from the responsibility during the tour implementation if force majeure events occur due to weather, natural disasters, epidemics, strikes, violence, war or aircraft, trains and ships. , electric vehicles are delayed or canceled due to weather or technical problems ... leading to the tour cannot be continued, the company will refund the tour to the customer after deducting the actual service charges. currently such as visa fees, air tickets, accommodation services ... and is not responsible for any additional compensation. **



ØGuests went to Southeast Asian countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand ...) or China or Australia, America, European countries.

ØGuests have the ability to prove good finance: good work, assets (real estate, cars, ...)

ØGuests traveling with family.



ØYoung guests (working age) traveling alone.

ØCustomers have unstable jobs, not good salary.

ØWeak financial customers: new VND 100,000,000 savings book, no personal property such as house, land, car ...

ØGuests who have not traveled any time or only travel once or twice in Southeast Asia.

ØGuests in some sensitive areas where the Consulate can refuse: Hai Phong, Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Hau Giang, ...



To facilitate the examination and approval of visa quickly, please prepare & complete the file according to the following guidelines:



·       Original passport is valid for use over 6 months up to the end of the trip + old passport (if any).

·       02 photos of 3.5cm x 4.5cm size (white background, new photos within the last 3 months).

·       Household registration book + ID card (Copy notarized on A4)

·       Certified copy of marriage certificate.

·       Copy or certified copy of birth certificate (for children under 18 years of age sharing parents)

·       Student / student card (latest photo). Students must have a certificate of student status