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(Time: 3 days -2 nights, Departure daily)

Transportation: Aircraft

* Application: From 01/01/2019 to 31/12/2019




DAY 01

                SAI GON – CON DAO (Lunch/ dinner)


                  Tourists gather at the domestic airport departure station. Tour guide assists guests with check-in procedures.

                  After arriving at Con Son - Con Dao airport, the car brought tourists to Con Son town. Guests will be introduced to the spots on the way such as: Co Ong village, Lo Voi, Hang Keo cemetery,...

                  Visitors to the town have lunch at the restaurant and check in to rest at the hotel.


                  Bus and tour guides welcome visitors to the south of the island in the following order:

  • Watch White Rock, Shark's Nose. Memorial board of Con Dao's largest armed escape. Watching the peak of Love and Bai Nhat - the beach is made up of millions of pebbles, a white sandy beach exposed at low tide.
  • Ben Dam Port: Visit the largest port and the main economy of Con Dao. See the beautiful scenery of Ba island and the mountain of the Cross.
  • Continue to visit and find out where there are special pearl culture technologies in Con Dao.
  • Visit Mot mountain Temple: also known as Van Son Temple. A newly renovated project with a cost of over VND 100 billion. You can see the beautiful panorama of Con Dao from above.


                  Tourists return to the hotel to rest after dinner. In the evening, tourists are free to go to the beach of Con Dao or sitting in front of the Café to enjoy coffee and light music with fresh air.

DAY 02


                 DISCOVER THE ISLAND (breakfast / lunch / dinner)


                  Guests use breakfast at the hotel and the bus takes to visit in the following order:

  • Phu Hai prison prison: an ancient prison camp built by the French. It is famous for the rice grind, the special confinement area and the Kunlun stone dam.
  • French tiger cages: Also known as Phu Tho prison, is the focal point of Con Dao prison. Explore the solid tiger cage system built hidden between buildings like labyrinths. See tiger cages and listen to descriptions of forms of physical torture of prisoners.
  • American-style tiger cages: also known as Phu Binh prison camps, with rows of small and humid cells built in 1971. This place mainly tortures prisoners on the spirit.
  • Hang Duong Cemetery: nearly 2000 graves are buried here. Visit the memorial, graves of martyrs Le Hong Phong, Nguyen An Ninh and burn incense to other graves - revolutionary Vietnamese hero. Visit Vo Thi Sau's grave as the first female prisoner in Con Dao.

                  Guests have lunch and return to the hotel to rest.


                  visitors continue the tour program:

  • Visiting and swimming in Dam Trau beach (12 km from the center)
  • On the way to visit Ong Temple - the place of worship of Prince Cai and Nguyen Anh and Hoang Phi Yen

                  Return to the Center. Have dinner. Freedom to explore Con Dao at night.

DAY 03

CON DAO – SAI GON (Breakfast)


Tourists use breakfast.

Tourists have free time to visit and buy souvenirs and specialties at Con Dao market.

Check out (no later than 12:00). Bus transfer to Con Dao airport, depart for TP. HCM. Goodbye and see you again.



• When you go, please bring a discreet costume (long pants, a collared shirt) to visit Hang Duong cemetery.

• Check in 14:00, check out 12:00. Depending on the room condition, the hotel reception will support early check-in (all or a few rooms) but no late check-out.



  1. Air-conditioned car tour by program.
  2. Pick up car - see off Con Dao airport to use the car of the hotel / resort
  3. Air tickets round the city. HCM - Con Dao - Ho Chi Minh City


By registration standards

  1. 3-star resort: Superior building, Deluxe villa of Saigon Con Dao resort, Mountain direction of Con Dao resort or Garden view of Tan Son Nhat Con Dao resort, standard 02-03 guests / room. Near sea.
  2. 2-star hotel or equivalent: Camping cabanas, Thien Tan Star - coastal; Anh Dao hotel, Con Dao hotel (or call the Cong An guest house) - in the street ..... Facilities: television, air conditioning, hot and cold water, closed toilet (2-3 guests / room).
  3. Standard hotel (mini): 2-3 guests / room. Facilities: TV, air conditioning, hot and cold water, self-contained toilet. (Phi Yen Hotel, Con Dao Island)

Meals according to the program:

  • Breakfast 02 meals: buffet if you choose 3-star resort standard, 01 meal + 01 part water (bowl + cup) if you choose other standards.
  • 4 main meals: rice. Basic dishes include: salty, soup (or hotpot), stir-fry, mixed vegetables, iced tea. Unit price 150,000 VND / productivity.

Note: Meals are changed to different restaurants so visitors are not boring.

Local tour guide: enthusiastic, devoted, funny.

Other services:

  • Includes sightseeing tickets for all tour destinations under the program.
  • Travel insurance for the tour, the maximum compensation level is 10,000,000 VND / case.
  • Cold towels, spring water every day.



  1. Dining, sightseeing outside the program, telephone, laundry and personal bathing and entertainment costs.
  2. Tips for guides, drivers and restaurant and hotel staff.
  3. Single room cost.
  4. Lunch on the return if the flight time Con Dao - Saigon registered after 12:00.
  5. Breakfast on arrival day if Saigon - Con Dao flight registration is earlier than 08h00.



  1. Children under 02 years old: 10% airfare, free of charge (parents take care of themselves).
  2. Children 02 - 05 years old: 90% airfare, free of charge (parents take care of themselves).
  3. Children from 06 - 11 years old: 85% of tour price, including catering services, car seats but baby sleeping with parents, no separate bed.
  4. Children 12 years and older: 100% of tour price as adults.
  5. Tour visitors with 02 children under 06 years old: you buy 1 ticket 50% of the tour price to have dining standards, car seats, sightseeing for children.



  1. When participating in the tour program, please bring identification (original copy for Vietnamese guests is ID card (clearly picture, still valid for less than 15 years) or driving license (clearly picture, still valid ) or Passport (longer than 1 month) or other types of documents prescribed by Vietnam Airlines.
  2. For overseas and foreign visitors who enter with a separate visa, please bring your visa, customs declaration when traveling and passport.
  3. Must provide the correct name by ID card, passport, birth certificate (for children under 14 years old). Provide birth dates of children under 12 years old.
  4. From 14 years of age or older, you must travel by ID card.
  5. Children under 14 years of age when traveling, please bring a Birth Certificate (original or a certified copy) to do airline procedures and other administrative procedures. If there is no accompanying parent, there must be a parent's power of attorney and confirmation from the local government (ward or commune).
  6. Air tickets are issued as soon as you pay. You must bear all the costs incurred and the responsibility if you request to change the itinerary, flight date and time, information errors in accordance with the airline. You are at the airport 90 minutes before departure time and should bring lightweight luggage, not too cumbersome.
  7. The tour operator will not be responsible if the carrier and airline security refuse to ship if there is any error in the above information.
  8. A sequence number and details in the program can be changed to suit the objective situation (weather, traffic ...)


Package tour prices

Includes airline tickets: 6.620.000 vnd

weekend + 250.000 vnđ


Excludes air tickets: 3.070.000vnd


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